It’s business UNusual.




Think Differently


We help businesses adapt and transform to play a stronger game.

The market has changed forever.

The world looks and feels so very different.
You need to reinvent the way you play to survive and position yourself to thrive.

 There are models and methods to adapt, learn and transform to get through very challenging times.

   Now is the perfect time to get started.

Creativity is king and queen and the whole deck of cards right now.

Let us harness that energy together.

It is time to make the plans and take the actions that matter to adapt to the new real.

The world wants leaders right now.

We need winners who inspire us.

It is our belief that we can all hold each other up. 

Let’s build a business world that works for all. 

In challenging times there are two types of people:

Those who take a broader view and plan for adaptation and re-emergence

Or those that panic, hold onto the old way of thinking and being and end up standing still or worse yet, falling out of the picture.

Why Category Creation is perfect to get you ready for 2021

Category creation is the act of designing a new space for your business. Think breweries making hand sanitiser, fashion houses making masks, staging designers making isolation desks. What can you do?

Category creation goes past creating a great product or service.  It focuses on creating a whole new way of looking at a challenge.  It gives you the opportunity to generate consumer demand, rather than just trying to take a slice of someone else’s pie.

Category Design helps you reimagine and take action to help satisfy what your community really needs now .

We see you.
We know your struggles.
We see your courage.

We know you are dealing with crises and issues right now that are testing even the best minds and resources. 

We are with you.

We are watching closely, and thinking deeply about the impact that rapid change is making on your priorities and commitments to your team, your clients and your loved ones.

If you could have a shot of different thinking about how to strategically adapt and survive, we have a stellar team that knows how to do this.

We have been in many seemingly impossible situations before.

We know this space.

We have your back.

We have the experience of many years working in risk management, reputation management, crisis recovery. 

We bring a big set of skills to the table. 

We have managed change and recovery.

We understand behaviour and we know how to manage complex environments and cultures with a deftness that will make you feel secure.

We've built companies to $100m, created TV and film and done PR, (crisis and issues management), brand and strategy for some of the biggest organisations in the world. 

We always love to play a stronger, bigger game.

“They've inspired us to raise the bar"

“I must say a big thank you to Kaama and the very talented team at The Social Producers. We were introduced to TSP six months ago at a very critical time of our start-up journey. Throughout our time together they have nurtured our company like it was their own and have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

They have inspired us to raise the bar and have made sure that our ideas and people continue to develop and strengthen. Looking forward to Chapter 2 with them and shooting for the moon.”

- CASSANDRA SASSO, Founding CEO, Wander Retreats

Meet with us online now to see if we can help you.

We understand the obstacles in the river and the mountains to climb.