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The Joys Of Founding Podcast

Great conversations with the brave and courageous.  Dreamers, sheroes and heroes all.  Masters and mistresses of the paradigm shift. 

About The Joys Of Founding

We love to talk to founders who have begun grand new adventures from what can seem sometimes crazy dreams and longings.  They have begun businesses, movements for changing our world and looking at new ways of seeing and doing. 

They are all agents of change from a myriad of fascinating backgrounds and their impetus to become Founders is always intriguing.   We think they are all revolutionaries for a new way of seeing.

They share with us what it takes to take an idea to fruition, what they learnt along the way, what they wish they had known before they started and what are the exciting new trends to watch for.


Kaama Joy

Kaama Joy


Ben Skelton

Ben Skelton



Recent Episodes

One for the country Bob!

How did two young advertising industry stars, with New York ad land at their feet, end up opening a brewing company with an ex-Prime Minister and Australian icon? We had the privilege of chatting to Nathan Lennon and David Gibson of Hawkes Brewing Company about their journey so far. 

We discussed early life, rising up the ranks in the New York and London advertising world and the snowy day that changed the direction of their lives. Their story is an incredible example of what taking the leap into the unknown looks like and the rewards of following your purpose and passion.

Season 1, Episode 1    |   1:07min

Creating Content In A Crisis

When times are good creating content is simple. There is only really one rule, create lots and post it often. However, COVID-19 or as we are already saying in Oz ‘Rona’ has changed the rules. Obviously not just for how your business communicates, but within society in...

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The Joys Of Founding 

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What it takes to take an idea to fruition.  Lessons learnt and what are the exciting new trends to watch for.