What We Believe

Every founder needs to think like a  

Category Creator, not a market disruptor

We’ve learnt from Play Bigger* that though there are no guarantees in business, if you manage to win at owning a new market category, you will generally own 75% of your market no matter who comes to chase your tail. 
This is what we call a Category King or Queen.

Being Different

is better than being better

Being Different is its own race.
And it’s so much more


In business, being different is a value greater than almost anything else.

Being better is just a comparison to your competition…It is a temporary state that has you looking over your shoulders, constantly waiting for your competitors to launch a new product or service.

Today the products, technology, politicians or people we pay most attention to are different.

You could say that where you and your dreams are now is totally by design.  You may have a big dream that needs transforming from a yearning to a strategic plan of action.  Hope is not a plan.

Right actions by design can create hope however. If your vision and values are well articulated, your plan is sharp, your team are aligned and your market is also primed you can create the change in the world you would like to see.

The five most dangerous words in business are:  “Everybody else is doing it.”

Warren Buffett

You need a

Point Of View

No matter how fabulous your concept or product is, nobody buys a solution without a problem.

A point of view frames this problem and lays out the impact of not acting. It sets out a vision.  One different from the current status quo and explains the opportunities for those who embrace it.

It is straightforward, impactful and visceral. It is essentially a story that elicits an emotional response.

It tells people what you stand for. It is the lightning rod that captures the imagination of everyone with any connection to the business. From staff to investors, and everyone in between. 

It is the story of your new category, the full entrancing landscape.  Your new horizon.

Importantly, it also shifts your audience’s point of view on the world. It makes everything that has come before seem inefficient or outdated.

Your people need to

Hear it

Just as having a great POV or product is nothing without a story, your story doesn’t exist unless people read, watch or listen to it.

We are entering a new age where making content at scale and with appropriate distribution is not just necessary for relevance, but critical for survival.

Businesses that behave like media companies first, and brands second will dominate the next decade.

Telling your story relevantly for the platform, whilst combining the art and science of creative and media is the formula for future success.

We believe reaching the right audience and then consistently informing or entertaining them is the way to cut through the noise.

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